At Orchidia Medical Group in Naples, FL, we know that erectile dysfunction is a common issue experienced by men. For that reason, we offer a treatment called the Magnym Procedure to resolve this problem and help you feel more confident in every area of life. Your sexual health affects your life in many different ways, so if there is an issue, it will affect you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Sexual dysfunction is a condition that spills over into every area of your life, so it’s important that you take steps to resolve that condition, whatever it may be. Our experts can provide you with a safe, confidential, and relaxing environment in which you can seek out the treatment you need to improve your confidence and get back your self-esteem.


The Magnym Procedure is a treatment designed to address erectile dysfunction in men, as well as cosmetic and aesthetic concerns. It is a 15-minute treatment that is completely non-surgical and is designed to improve sexual function by increasing the length and girth of a flaccid penis, as well as helping resolve erectile dysfunction. Those who suffer from erectile dysfunction may finally find the resolution they’ve been hoping for by undergoing this treatment.

This treatment can address cosmetic concerns by improving the size and length of a flaccid penis. It can also can improve sexual function and performance by treating erectile dysfunction while also increasing self-esteem and confidence. Once your treatment is complete, you’ll be able to experience all the benefits that come with a normal sexual function, improved physical appearance, and healthy sex life.

Erectile dysfunction, also known as ED, is not a normal condition, but it has become normalized because it affects over 50 percent of men. However, know that if you suffer from this condition, it isn’t normal, and there is a solution. ED occurs for many reasons, both physical and emotional. Depression, anxiety, stress, emotional issues, obesity, illness, and lifestyle choices are just some factors that can cause ED.

However, regardless of what has caused ED, it affects one’s confidence and self-esteem. If you suffer from any degree of ED, you need a solution, and the Magnym Procedure is the perfect option.

This treatment is so effective because it uses a neuromodulator to relax the specific muscles that play a part in causing ED. For example, Botox is a neuromodulator that, when injected into the muscle, relaxes them thanks to an active ingredient that blocks the communication between the nerve signals and the muscles.

When used during the Magnym Procedure, the neuromodulator addresses chronic retraction by relaxing the muscles within the penis responsible for flaccidity to enhance its size and length.

An Innovative Way To Utilize Neuromodulators

Additionally, the use of neuromodulators as the primary method of treatment can also improve sexual function. Neuromodulators deliver more blood flow to the penis, which helps not only enhance but prolong an erection. Studies have shown that patients who used this treatment to address cosmetic concerns and erectile dysfunction also experienced improved sexual function long-term.

During the treatment, neuromodulators are delivered to some specific areas of the penis to relax the muscles that are directly responsible for retraction. In doing so, the neuromodulators will inhibit that contraction which helps reduce retraction and make the penis look bigger and longer when flaccid.


This treatment can address different concerns, both medical and cosmetic. It can help address cosmetic concerns by increasing the size and length of the penis and improving sexual function, which will help improve your confidence and your mental and emotional health. This treatment is an effective way to help improve the appearance of a flaccid penis by making it look larger while improving sexual function.

It also can limit the number of occurrences of premature ejaculation and improve your overall sense of confidence and self-image. This treatment is such an effective way to address physical, mental, and emotional concerns. Once you experience all the benefits of this treatment, you will make it a normal part of your self-care routine.


Once you undergo this treatment, you can expect an improvement in both your sexual performance and in the appearance of your penis when not erect. It can also help address premature ejaculation as well as erectile dysfunction. It’s important to note that while this treatment does increase the length and girth of a flaccid penis and can improve overall function, it has no effect on the size or condition of the penis when erect.

It’s important that you understand what this treatment can and cannot do when you begin the treatment process so that you have realistic expectations and can enjoy your results.

Once you undergo this treatment, it can take up to four weeks for the ingredients in the neuromodulator used during this treatment to take effect. However, most patients notice initial results within a few days of the treatment process. Results vary among patients but know that you will experience increased responsiveness, an improved appearance, and resolution of erectile dysfunction.

Typically, patients only need one treatment to achieve initial results, but a maintenance treatment is sometimes needed to achieve the best results. We typically recommend that patients follow the treatment plan laid out by one of our professionals to maintain the most consistent long-term results. Just like when you begin Botox treatments to address facial lines and wrinkles, you need to be committed to maintaining follow-up treatments to sustain your results.

The same is true with this specific treatment. In order to maintain your results long-term, you must be committed to the process and schedule follow-up treatments as recommended. However, because this treatment delivers such long-lasting results, you will typically only need follow-up treatments every six to nine months.

This treatment has proven to be a safe way for males to enhance the appearance of their penises. While these localized injections do contain ingredients that relax the muscles into which they are injected, those ingredients are not known to spread to other areas of the body. This treatment relies on medical principles to address erectile dysfunction as well as aesthetic concerns by blocking chemical compounds called ACH to help increase the length and girth of the flaccid penis.

You can rest assured that when you choose this treatment, you’ll be treated by experts who know how to administer the injections to help you achieve noticeable results safely and effectively.

This treatment uses the same active ingredient that is used to reduce wrinkles and lines on the face to help improve the appearance of a flaccid penis and treat ED. This innovative use of neuromodulators can help make a significant difference in your confidence on a daily basis. Plus, the results look completely natural. Treatments last anywhere from six to nine months, so you will only need two to three treatments each year to maintain your results.

A Quick, Safe, and Effective Treatment Process

The treatment process is well tolerated and only takes 15 minutes to complete, so just like those lunchtime injectable appointments, you can schedule it during your lunch break and be back to work without missing a thing. No one will know that you underwent this treatment unless you want to tell them, and the results look completely natural.

The treatment is also completely safe, the results appear relatively quickly and continue to improve over time, and the injections will not spread to different areas of the body but will stay exactly where they are put to help do exactly what they intended to do.

If you suffer from any degree of erectile dysfunction or simply want to improve the size and length of your penis when not erect, you are most likely a good candidate for this treatment. One of the best ways to determine whether the Magnym Procedure is right for you is by scheduling a consultation with one of our experts.

We will evaluate your medical history, discuss your concerns, and listen to your goals. It’s important that we have a well-rounded understanding of your physical, mental, and emotional health so that we can move forward and design the right treatment plan for you.

The Sexual Health Inventory for Men

Our experts may provide you with a diagnostic test called the S.H.I.M., which stands for the sexual health inventory for men. This inventory can provide us with more information about your sexual performance and can help us create the right treatment plan for you.

This test consists of a set of questions that will help determine whether you suffer from erectile dysfunction and to what degree. Once you take this test, we can move forward with the treatment process and help better serve you and your needs.

Invest in Your Confidence Today

The Magnym Procedure is a quick and effective treatment that allows you to invest in your self-esteem and confidence. Life is too short to not look and feel your best so why not take the step and invest in yourself and your image with this quick and effective non-surgical treatment? If you want to learn more, we can help. Our experienced staff is here and ready to help you learn more about this treatment and determine if it’s right for you.